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How do i contact the owner of this site?

My E Mail address is:

Why do some schools results not show up?

If a school moves up a class from 3A to 4A in New Mexico (4A to 5A in Texas) I will only show from 4A NM or 5A TX results. Exceptions to the rule are Pampa and Fort Worth Dunbar who have an amazing Basketball history. Some Schools Ive only done their big school results and maybe later Ill complete them.

Why do I have some 4A schools in New Mexico listed and others like: Artesia, Bernalillo or Grants?

It takes a while to compile these records, I would have never added El Paso, Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Farmington schools if it wasnt for Some schools are covered by a weekly paper that to be honest have almost zero results in some years and have done a terrible job of keeping any kind of records for their teams. The others I just dont have time or energy to dig through newspapers in the library and most likely be away from my house three to four days for each school.

Why is there no Private Schools on this page?

Private schools play by a different set of rules and I am not interested in their results.

Why are there missing results from some schools?

With Gadsden and Santa Teresa I had to use El Paso, Las Cruces and any New Mexico to get what I have. Gadsden is missing about half of 53-54 season. Depending on who the high school sports person is in some of the bigger cities coverage may be spotty. All in all El Paso’s two papers and Albuquerque’s two papers have done an amazing job with keeping up with these records.

Why do some game scores dont match?

Depending on which paper is used that is the score I use for that team. Example Hobbs vs Clovis. I used the Hobbs News Sun for the Hobbs score and the Clovis News Journal for the Clovis score.

Why is there a mix of New Mexico and West Texas Schools?

I was born in Hobbs and grew up in Texas. I originally did Hobbs only and added Carlsbad, Clovis, Roswell, Goddard and Alamogordo. From there I added Odessa, Midland Abilene, San Angelo, Lubbock and Amarillo areas. I stopped right there for 15 years or so. Adding Dunbar and Cleburne here and there during that time. I found newspapers online so I decided to add all the Albuquerque schools and it went pretty smooth with little problems. I added Santa Fe, Farmington, and Gallup after I did Albuquerque. After Albuquerque I decided to try El Paso. Albuquerque has 13 High Schools and El Paso has 25 High Schools, It took me a year of research driving to El Paso four diferent times staying three days each time. of course after I completed El Paso the paper shows up on So I use this paper to fill in gaps I missed in El Paso. Its very addictive. I told myself I would stop after El Paso but I am in the process of completing Los Lunas, Belen and Los Lunas Valencia in New Mexico and Waxahachie, Corsicana, Longview and Marshall in Texas. All will eventually end up on this website.





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