New Mexico West Texas Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame

New Mexico West Texas Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame

Once a month I will be choosing a Coach from The New Mexico West Texas area to go into the Hall of Fame. They will be listed underneath here and short biography on their accomplishments. I am only covering this area and back to the 1953-54 season only. Any accomplishments outside the area, years or a team I haven’t researched will not be included. No active coaches will be included until their retirement.

July 2019

Ralph Tasker, Hobbs, 1953-54 to 1997-98

Tasker is the winningest Coach in this area with a 1003-215 (.823 pctg) record (not his complete record) in 45 years at Hobbs High School. Tasker’s teams won the New Mexico State Championship 11 times during this span. Tasker had two seasons 1965-66 and 1980-81 that finished undefeated. Tasker coached teams averaged over 100 points per game an amazing eight times which is a national record. Tasker is the first inductee for this websites Hall of Fame. His Coaching percentage ranking number of 36.993 is also a national record.

Numbers     45 seasons     1003-215     .823     36.993     .822

August 2019

Clifton McNeely, Pampa, 1953-54 to 1959-60

McNeely’s record from 54-60 was 176-26 (.871 pctg) with three State Championships, one State Runnerup and one final four appearance. Two of the season McNeely’s team went undefeated with a 28-0 record in 1954 and a 31-0 record in 1959. Pampa had a 77 game winning streak started before the 53-54 season and ended in the 1954-55 season.

Numbers     7 seasons      176-26     .871     6.053      .865

September 2019

Bobby Lesley, El Paso Eastwood, 1966-67 to 1992-93.

Lesley’s record at Eastwood in 27 seasons was 622-193 (.763 pctg). Lesley’s Eastwood team won the 1976 State Championship in Texas Big School class. This is the only El Paso school to win state since C D Jarvis’ El Paso High teams did in the 1940s, Eastwood had three teams  that were finalist in Regionals, 1973-74 (26-5), 1976-77 (32-2), and 1980-81 (35-4).

Numbers     27 seasons     622-193      .763     20.277     .751

October 2019

Jim Hulsman, Albuquerque, 1968-69 to 2001-02

Hulsman’s record at Albuquerque was 660-223 (.747 pctg). Hulsman’s teams won the New Mexico State Championship seven times in 1971 with a 26-1 record, 1977 with a  23-5 record, 1984 with a 21-5 record, 1990 with a 25-1 record, 1993 with a 22-4 record, 1995 with a 23-3 record and 1998 with a 26-3 record.  and finished as New Mexico State Runnerup another seven times in 1970, 1972, 1873, 1974, 1978, 1981 and 1989.

Numbers     34 seasons     660-223     .747     25.189     .741

November 2019

Tony Harper, El Paso Burges 1971-72 to 1984-85, El Paso 1985-86 to 1989-90, El Paso Montwood 1991-92 to 2012-13,

One of three coaches from the New Mexico West Texas with 1000 wins, Harper led Burges to six playoff appearances. At El Paso Harper led El Paso to a 28-5 record in 1988 and a regional semifinal appearance. Harper led El Paso to four playoff appearances in the five seasons he was there. Harper opened up Montwood High which began varsity play in 1992. Harper led Montwood to 15 playoff appearances and in 2006 led Montwood to the regional finals and a 30-1 record. Harper finished at El Paso Cathedral and reached the 1000 win mark.

Numbers     41 seasons     902-392     .697     28.430     .693

December 2019

Russ Gilmore, Amarillo Tascosa 1984-85 to 1997-98, Hobbs 1998-99 to 2010-11

Gilmore came to Tascosa after coaching five seasons at Cowley (KS) Junior College. Gilmore led the 1988 Tascosa team to a 26-6 record and in 1989 his Tascosa team was a regional finalist ending the season at 25-8. Gilmore led Tascosa to the playoffs six different seasons. Gilmore then went to Hobbs winning four straight State Championship including the undefeated 99 team. Gilmore again led Hobbs to a State Championship in 2008.

Numbers     27 seasons     573-236     .708     19.187     .711

January 2020

Jack Stephenson, Midland, 1978-79

Stephenson started at Midland in the 79-80 season and coached there for 27 seasons. Midland won the 1998 State Championship with a 37-1 record. In the 1994 season Midland advanced to the Texas State semi-finals. Midland was a regional finalist in 1999 finishing with a 31-4 record.

Numbers     27 seasons     610-261     .700     18.554     .687

February 2020

Lou Henson, Las Cruces 1958-59 to 1961-62

Henson coached at Las Cruces for four seasons winning the State Championship three times while there. In 1959 his record was 24-6, 1960 his record was 27-3 and his record for his third championship was 28-1. Henson began his college career after 1962 coaching at Hardin Simmons, New Mexico State and Illinois.

Numbers     4 seasons     102-16     .864     3.459     .865

Mar 2020

Carl Irlbeck, Plainview 1985-86 to 1993-94

Irlbeck is the third coach with 1000 wins on the list. Most of his wins were from Girls Basketball. While at Plainview Irlbeck’s team won the Texas State Championship in 1994. In 1993 Irlbeck’s Plainview team made it to the final four of the Texas State playoffs. His 1990 team was a regional finalist losing to Fort Worth Dunbar.

Numbers     9 seasons     216-73     .747     6.649     .739

April 2020

Gerald Myers, Lubbock Monterey 1960-61 to 1966-67

Myers coached at Monterey for seven years. Myers had two final-four appearances in the Texas playoffs defeating Bryan Austin in the 1962 third place game and defeating Austin McCallum in the 1966 third place game. Myers moved on to the College ranks coaching at Houston Baptist and Texas Tech.

Numbers     7 seasons     152-53     .741     5.128     .733

May 2020

Marv Sanders, Farmington, 1980-81 to 2003-04

Sanders coached at Farmington for 24 seasons. In that time he won the New Mexico State Championship twice in 1982 which ended the season 26-0 and 1986 with a 24-2 record. Sanders finished the 2002-03 as New Mexico State tournament runner-up. Sanders previously coached at Mentone Indiana, Hatch, Silver City, Portales and Lovington as well as coaching the girls for a season at Capitan. Sanders won State Championships at Hatch (1964) and Silver City (1975). Sanders finished his coaching career with over 750 wins.

Numbers     24 seasons     427-177     .707     16.867     .703

June 2020

Frank Castillo, Albuquerque Cibola 1978-79 to 1985-86, Albuquerque La Cueva 1986-87 to 2019-20

Castillo retired as the only coach at La Cueva since the school opened in 1986. Castillo ended his coaching career with a 737-386 won-loss record and .656 percentage record. Castillo’s teams won the New Mexico state title five times, in 1989 with a 25-1 record, 1994 with a 22-4 record, 2003 with a 24-3 record, 2009 with a 24-8 record and 2010 with a 27-6 record. Castillo’s team were runner-up another three times in 1990, 1999 and 2012.

Numbers     42 seasons     737-386     .656     27.033     .644

July 2020

Alvis Glidewell, El Paso Austin 1965-66 to 1976-77, El Paso Irvin 1977-78 to 1993-94

Glidewell ended his coaching career with a 568-328 record. Glidewell led Austin to a regional semifinals and a 26-6 record in 1968-69, Austin was a regional finalist in 1969-70 finishing with a 28-7 record. Glidewell’s 1972-73 Austin team finished as a regional semifinalist losing to state runner-up to Midland finishing 29-4 record. In 1988-89 Glidewell led Irvin to a regional finals and a 23-10.

Numbers     29 seasons     568-328     .632     18.206     .632

August 2020

Bob Haack, El Paso Parkland 1973-74 to 1977-78, El Paso Bel Air 1980-81 to 1986-87, El Paso Socorro 1992-93, El Paso Hanks 1987-88 to 1990-91 and 1993-94 to 2002-03, Deming 2005-06 to 2006-07, Santa Teresa 2007-08 to 2015-16

Bob Haack coached for 38 seasons with six different schools finishing with a 654-486 record, in the 1982-83 season Haack led Bel Air to a 27-3 record and the regional semi-finals losing to Fort Worth Dunbar. Haack’s 1990 Hanks team ended the season with a 25-5 record and losing to Fort Worth Dunbar in the regional finals. Haack led the 2000 Hanks team to a 31-7 record losing in the regional finals to Duncanville. Haack led his Santa Teresa team to the 2012 New Mexico State Champions finishing 21-10.

Numbers     38 seasons     654-486     .574     21.566     .568

Sept 2020

Paul Steuckler, El Paso Austin 1957-58-1960-61, Midland Lee 1961-62-1989-90

Steuckler coached for 33 seasons at Austin and Lee High Schools finishing with a 611-414 record. Steuckler led Lee to the 1975 Texas State Semifinals losing to eventual State Champion Houston Kashmere and a 33-4 record. Steuckler led Austin to State playoffs twice while at Austin and Lee six times.

Numbers     33 seasons     611-414     .596     19.531     .592

Oct 2020

Mike Harper, El Paso Jefferson 1977-78-2000-01, Anthony Gadsden 2001-02-2014-15

Harper coached for 38 seasons and compiled a 560-535 record while at El Paso Jefferson and Anthony Gadsden. Harper led his 1982-83 team to a 25-5 record losing to regional finalist El Paso Eastwood in the first round of state. The next year Harper’s team had a 29-4 record and finished as regional semi-finalist losing to Southwest High School out of Fort Worth.

Numbers     38 seasons     560-535     .511     19.262     .507

Nov 2020

Britt Cooper, Roswell 1994-95 to 2016-17

Cooper coached for 23 years at Roswell High compiling a 417-200 record and four State Championships. Cooper’s first State Championship was in 2009 defeating Artesia 59-50 and finishing with a 23-7 record. The following season Roswell defeated Espanola 63-60 finishing with a 27-2 record. Cooper’s third State Championship defeating Los Lunas 56-41 for the 2014 State Championship finishing with a 29-1 record. Cooper’s last season ended with his fourth State Championship defeating Santa Fe Capital 74-53 and finishing with a 25-4 record.

Numbers     23 seasons     417-200     .676     15.233     .662

April 2021

Nolan Richardson, El Paso Bowie 1968-69-1976-77

Richardson started as a head coach at El Paso Bowie in the 68-69 season. Richardson’s record in 9 years was 152-129. Richardson led the 1975 Bowie team to the regional finals. Richardson left and went to Western Texas Junior College winning the National Championship. Richardson also coached at Tulsa University and Arkansas where he won the NCAA basketball Championship.

Numbers     9 years     152-129     .541     4.739     .527

Frank Dooley, Deming 1963-64 to 1978-79, Alamogordo 1982-83 to 1989-90

Dooley coached 24 seasons at Deming and Alamogordo and a compiled a 432-200 record. At Deming, Dooley won four State Championship’s in 1970-71 with a 24-4 record, 1971-72 with a 25-4 record, 1973-74 with a 21-5 record and the 1975-76 season with a 27-4 record. Dooley’s 1988 Alamogordo team finished as the State runner-up with a 23-4 record.

Numbers     24 years     432-200     .684     16.267     .678

Joe Coleman, Albuquerque Valley 1997-98 to 2019-2020

Coleman ended his career with a 425-205 record all at Albuquerque Valley. Coleman won three State Championships in 2013-14 with a 27-2 record, 2018-19 with a 17-13 record and 2019-20 with a 21-7 record. Coleman’s 2000 Valley team finished as runner-up in State with a 23-3 record.

Numbers     20 years     425-205     .678     15.600     .678

C D Jarvis, El Paso 1953-54 to 1984-85

Before Eastwood won the 1976 State Championship the last championship won by an El Paso school was by El Paso in 1947 coached by Jarvis. Jarvis actually started coaching at El Paso in 1942 but my records only go back to the 1953-54 season. Jarvis’ 1982 team finished as the regional runner-up losing to Pampa.

Numbers     32 years     450-446     .502     15.787     .493

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